We specialize in the installation of photovoltaic and solar thermal systems for both residential and commercial applications. We believe in solar products to help businesses and families save energy, cut costs, and reduce their carbon footprint.

New South Systems understands that purchasing a solar installation should be a long-term investment. We hope to ensure our customer’s satisfaction, understanding, and product performance.

Solar energy is one of the purest, cleanest forms of energy available to us. Think of the amount of sunlight that hits your roof every day. In many buildings, that energy does nothing more than heat an attic, or warm the water in a gardening hose. Rather than have the energy go to waste, why not put it to work warming water for a household with a solar water heater or lowing the electric bill with a photovoltaic system? Not only is the energy abundant, the advances in technology allow us access to the most effective and affordable systems ever.